In the short run:

1. Token purchase online (token management in electronic wallet)

2. Opportunities for initial Hum@ney issuers

  • Hum@ney shares can be exchanged
  • Hum@ney coin can be exchanged
  • Redemption at issue nominal value

3. Possibility of online cross-currency conversion in wallet

4. Possibility of online transactions for cash money in a wallet

5. Hum@ney payment instrument motivational program

  • Secondary money issuance
  • Hum@ney partner program
  • Guarantee of value stability

6. Participating in creating future cash

  • Opportunity to participate in the public test process


Long term:

1. Reliability

2. Unbreakability

4. Value stability

5. The function of balancing the economy

6. Integration of crypto currencies

7. Automation of money issuance (“mining” in the automated background process of the wallet)

8. Democratic distribution of the benefit of money-issuing (“mining” income is generated in each wallet)

9. Democratic distribution of the cost of money withdrawal (in flexible transaction fees)

10. Democratic distribution of the running costs of the system in infinitesimal quantities

11. Environmentally-friendly operation – validating a green concept

12. Full transparency – open source, transparent and real-time publishing of parameters and processes