1. This contract is to regulate the legal relationship between Chronos Consulting s.r.l. of 18. Orbán Balázs Str. Odorheiu Secuesc, Romania 535600, as a service provider (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”) and any version of the trezor.apk software (hereinafter referred to as the “Software”) released for use by the same Provider, and between any person who uses (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) trezor.apk software.

2. The Provider, by using its servers located at several different locations in the world, provides cloud service.

3. The User can utilize the offered cloud services functions by running the Software on any electronic device (such as smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.).

4. The Software can be legally copied or downloaded free of charge by a (any) User from the Provider’s website or Playstore/Appstore. The Provider does not require, and does not asking for User identification. The use of this Software does not require any registration or identification procedure.

4.1 The personal data shall be entered by the User to the System:
– to the issuance of invoice: the invoice data;
– to the bank transfer: data of bank account.

4.2 The System uses the 4.1 named data only for the requested goal of User.

4.3 The User has right at any time to inquire about the status of their own data.

4.4 The User has right at any time to change, or tracelessly delete their own data.

5. The main functions and components of the Provider’s service provided through the use of the Software are as follows:

5.1 The capability to register the User’s value-item into the Provider-System (hereinafter referred to as the “System”), expressed in a currency registered and certified by the system, received by bankcard operation or bank-transfer.

5.2 The capability to issue the Authenticated Value Certificate (hereinafter referred to as the “AVC”) certified as property of the User, displayed in the record of the Software running on the smartphone (or any other electronic device) of the User. The AVC always affirms that the User, on whose electronic device the AVC is certified, is the owner of the value certified by the AVC.

5.2.1 During the initial issue of Hum@ney (hereinafter referred to as the HUM) (01.08.2018 – 30.11.2018), the System accounts the AVC in HUM, as a clearing house.

5.2.2 From the secondary issue of Hum@ney (01.12.2018) the System accounts the AVC in any (crypto/fiat) currency.

5.3 The capability of internal transactions, which refers to a partial or full release of an AVC from one User to another User. After the transaction, the AVC, certified by the Software record of the User who transferred the partial/full AVC, affirms the difference in value between what the user owned before the transaction and the value what has been just transferred. The Software record of the electronic device of the User who is the recipient of the AVC, affirms the sum of the value before transaction and the value what has been just transferred.

5.4 The capability to transfer to the User the value item, which is certified by the Software, and which also initiates the bank transfer operation, in a fiat-currency registered and listed in the System.

5.5 Using the appropriate function of the Software, the Provider publishes online the HUM exchange value in all currencies registered in the System. The Provider considers its own mandatory obligation the timely publishing of the HUM exchange rate.

5.6 When started up for the first time, the software can display a 52-character identification code (hereinafter known as the “RecoveryCode”), which is the base of all the data-reconstruction.

6. The authenticity of the AVC does not mean that it is disclosed to any third person, but that the Provider accepts the AVC registered in the Software as an authentic item. As a result of this authenticity, at the initiative of the User, as stipulated in paragraph 5.4, the Provider can immediately start the transferring of the given value.

7. The Provider always acknowledges the operator of the electronic device on which the Software is running, as the owner of the AVC. If the electronic device on which the Software is running becomes physically unavailable:

7.1 the User can block the AVC with the appropriate Software-Function;

7.2 and the the User can reconstruct the AVC from the Server Log and RecoveryCode with the appropriate Software-Function. Furthermore the owner of the AVC will be the person who has the RecoveryCode to the reconstruction. It is the User’s sole responsibility to keep his or her electronic device and the RecoveryCode away from unauthorized users.

8. The arrival of a value-item into the System (bankcard operation or bank transfer), or the exiting of a value-item from the System is considered an external transaction. The cost of any external transaction, bank transaction fees or currency conversion fees are at all times the responsibility of the User. The use of the System itself is free of charge. The User’s request for an AVC to be transferred out of the System will be ignored if the value of the AVC is not at least double of the amount of the cost of the external transaction fee.

8.1 The User who buys the initial issue of HUM with external transaction (with creditcard), or changes primary issue of HUM in System, supports the development of Hum@ney as crowdfunding.

8.2 The initial issue of HUM – as crowdfunding – can only be refunded against the deduction of 15% handling fee. Upon request the System will refund the reduced amount by transferring to the user’s bank account, during the primary HUM issue period.

8.3 The primary issuing HUM (and only that) may be converted to the share of the System, from BusinessStage 3.

8.4 If a user does not wish to acquire shares, the primary issuing HUM may transferred to third-generation HUM.

8.5 The secondary issuing HUM may be converted to third-generation HUM, or may be converted to fiat-money at nominal value of issue, in the System from BusinessStage 3.

9. The User, by using the external transaction in his or her electronic device, provided by the Software from all Transactions, can access the base-information about any specific Transaction. By the use of the appropriate function, the Software displays the external transaction statuses. This information can be considered as the primary reference base in case of a dispute, or in case of a questionable transaction.

10. In a dispute between the Provider and User, or between two or more Users, if the status-information is not sufficient to settle the dispute, the fully and continuously documented and published System Log of the Provider’s servers will be the decisive proof.

11. The Provider publishes the Server Log continuously, and creates the previous day’s transaction information, with the Provider’s signature, downloadable for the User. The Provider will accept as authentic, only copies of the System Log that bears the Provider’s appropriately affixed signature.

12. The System Log is accessible by any User, but each user can access only his or her specific transaction information.

13. The Provider guarantees the protection of the servers against foreign intrusion, or against any abuse, which may result in Users’ data falling into unauthorized hands.

14. The Software, which is downloaded and used on the electronic device of the User, utilizes password protection for all its information and data. Provided that the password is not available to a third party, the Provider guaranties the safety of the User’s data. If a third party accidentally or deliberately gains access to the User’s password (including the use of any Trojan Horse), the Provider is not responsible for the values represented by the records on the User’s electronic device. If a third party gains access to a User’s values represented by the records due to a failure in the Software’s security system, the User can recover any associated loss from the Provider.

15. This contract governs the use of System to issue and exchange of HUM’s Primary and Secondary generation with any other crypto/fiat currencies. This System is indirectly linked to the HUM third Generation Currency as it supports the conversion from first and second generation HUM to third generation HUM currency. The third Generation HUM can be used for generic, independent, autonomous options of crypto currencies.

16. The User, whether a natural person or legal person, by using the Software, hereby agrees that he or she is fully aware of the meaning of this contract. This Agreement is made under and shall be construed according to the laws of European Union and the United States of America. In the event that this agreement is breached, any and all disputes must be settled in a court of competent jurisdiction in The County, Romania.