Creating a mobile marketplace


Unlike other cryptocurrencies Hum@ney is entirely tailored around the demands of buyers and sellers and offers a unique e-commerce market including a complete payment infrastructure. This marketplace is been realized in a mobile e-wallet with all its advantages.

The H-Wallet smartphone app bundles all necessary features that are generally related to, selling items, monetizing work, doing instant online payments or converting values to another currency, as well as exchanging stock or lending money.

All these features are provided by theĀ 5 main functions of the H-Wallet applications:


1. A secure transaction mechanism
Based on international crypto standards used in online banking and miltary VPN networking. H-Wallet ensures that transactions are authentic and the values cannot be falsified.

2. Direct end to end payments:
Owners of the H-Wallet app may at any time be able to make immediate payments at the expense of their funds on their current H-Wallet account:

2.1 In a straightforward settlement – the currency of claim and settlement is the same

2.2 As instant cross currency settlement – the currencies of claim and settlement are different (in this case the deal rate is calculated from the exchange rates quoted by the Marketplace)

3. Applying international money market terms
The H-Wallet application keeps track of the exchange rates of various currencies (crypto / fiat). The values are continuously updated based on current international exchange rates
(which are guaranteed between Marketplace (as a legal entity) and users)

4. Direct end to end user currency exchange:
Users can bid on a specific exchange rate on the public interface of the Marketplace that they can apply to. If the deal partners are available, among them, the exchange of various currencies will be conducted instantly.
(In the case of partial availability of funds, a futures-dependent transaction is realized, which requires the availability of sufficient funds within the deadline.)

5. Transaction Speed -instant payment – real time settlement
The features above allow for the full support of retail and wholesale activities internationally in any of the quoted currencies – for instant payments within a 1 sec transaction time or futures based on agreement.


How to use

1. Download the H-Wallet app and start it (IOS / Android support)

2. Start placing your own currency in H-Wallet:
2.1 by debit or credit card transaction whereby the user can place the amount money he/she wishes in H-Wallet in the currency of his / her wish (crypto / fiat). Following a transaction with a credit card, the user account record is displayed in H-Wallet.
2.2 The user’s other crypto wallet and the crypto transaction between Marketplace. The use of the crypto currency entered in the user’s H-Wallet current account is subject to the same uses as the cash in hand.

3. The user can freely operate the above five basic functions on the H-Wallet account in any currency registered.

4. The User may at any time initiate the withdrawal of funds owned by the account in any currency (cripto / fiat) from the H-Wallet current account. The cash withdrawal is executed by bank transfer in every case, if necessary at the exchange rate calculated at quoted rates.

Important Note:
Using H-Wallet does not require any sign-up. User registration is optional. The Marketplace will issue an official invoice at the user’s request, on the funds flowing between the Marketplace and the user. (An invoice exhibit requires the details of the person / organization that hosted the invoice.)
– Users of the user’s H-Wallet data streams as user-owned funds are protected by the cryptographic procedure guaranteeing the appropriate security level of the Marketplace and guarantees their payment.

– After each transaction, Marketplace deducts 0.1% management fee from the participating parties.


The introduction of H-Wallet is implemented on 3 consecutive levels

1. H-Wallet 1.0 August 1, 2018
At this stage, Marketplace handles only 20 currencies in H-Wallet, 19 fiat currencies and HUM. The period with bank card operations supports Hum@ney’s primary cash outflow. Accordingly, with a credit card payment, anyone can buy Hum@ney, which is registered in the H-Wallet current account data file. Hum@ney, which is owned by H-Wallet on its current account, can be used freely by users for payments between users. During this period, the withdrawal of the user’s cash from Marketplace is only possible for a handling charge of 15%, as the process with the primary issue serves originally to recapitalize Hum@ney.
The Hum@ney purchased by users in the primary money market is marketed as a distinguished currency and the owner may, after December 31, 2019, have further use as follows:
1.1 Translates Hum@ney crypto-coin (for the new generations of cryptographic currency)
1.2 Switches to Marketplace ‘s ownership shares
1.3 Deposit to your bank account in issue exchange rate

2. H-Wallet 2.0 December 1, 2018
At this stage, Marketplace opens the functionality of the functions listed above for users.

3. H-Wallet 3.0 December 31, 2019
Hum@ney adds H-Wallet special features of the new generation of crypto cash.