Our Goal

  1. To create a usable next generation currency for the real market with advanced technology.

  2. To keep the transaction time in 1 sec anywhere between two points of world.

  3. Value stability and reliability to help the economy, to help the human.

  4. Eliminating the influence of power and interest groups.

  5. To make an integrated platform for P2P exchange of currencies (crypto/fiat) where the advantages of Hum@ney can be realized. This integrated platform is our MarketPlace.

The realization has 4 Stages:

0. Stage:  1. version of integrated platform – Crowdfunding: Initial issue of Hum@ney

  • centralized database
  • Hum@ney settlement
  • cross exchange rates
  • P2P payment
  • 1 sec transaction-time

1. Stage:  2. version of integrated platform.

  • centralized database
  • cross settlement (any crypto/fiat currency)
  • P2P payment
  • P2P exchange
  • P2P short selling
  • 1 sec transaction-time

2. Stage: Second issue of Hum@ney – Token issue

  • supporting of Hum@ney’s integrating in real world-trade

3. Stage: Third issue of Hum@ney – New Generation of Crypto-Currency

  • distributed & fragmented & mutational database
  • smartchain technology
  • value stability
  • green concept
  • 1 sec transaction-time