The creative community of Hum@ney with 5 years of special development- and three years of testing experience, offers software tools for users in three advanced versions, till 31.12.2019:

Development Stage 0.

Hum@ney wallet (1.0) – Basic Function:

Suitable for the initial money issuance process:

  • online purchase of HUM tokens from issuer
  • online sale/buy of HUM tokens between owners

Development Stage 1.

Hum@ney wallet (2.0) – Advanced Token Functions:

Opening Hum@ney Integrator:

  • to receive online any other crypto currencies
  • online conversion of crypto/fiat currencies in official cross-currency
  • online support for individual offers and deals
  • online conversion within 1 sec in case of official/individual, too
  • online transaction within 1 sec

Development Stage 2.

Hum@ney wallet (3.0) – Coin Functions: tests phase on server simulated users

  • distributed & fragmented & mutational database
  • online transaction within 1 sec

Development Stage 3.

Hum@ney wallet (3.1) Coin Functions: published tests with real users

Development Stage 4.

Hum@ney wallet (3.2) – Coin Function: realization, full system publishing (design and code)

The transition between development steps for the users is smooth, with newer versions of the wallet (1.0-2.0-3.2) can be installed simply, without loss of data.