In case of a problem (for example, somebody loses his/her phone), you can disable your H-Wallet, and restore your property to a new H-Wallet.

You must do the followings to this operation:

1. Click on “Show Recovery Code” in the Settings menu.

You will get your Recovery Code as follows:

As you read it, you need to copy the 52 character Recovery Code from here, and then you must keep it in a safe place.

It is recommended after installing H-Wallet.


2. If you have some problem with H-Wallet, click on “Prohibition of Wallet” in the Settings menu.

(You probably don’t carry out this operation on your own phone, because your phone – for example – is lost.)

You must type your own 52 character Recovery Code, and then click  

No one can access your H-Wallet after this operation. (The wallet, on which the operation is performed, remains untouched.)


3. Recovery of Wallet

You have to wait a day after blocking. The next day, you can install H-Wallet on a new Phone.

After installation, click on “Recovery of Wallet” in the Settings menu:

Type the original 52 character Recovery Code and click  

After this operation, your property will automatically recover in the new phone.

(This operation works with the original Recovery Code, though the new wallet has a new Recovery Code.)