SmartChain technology

SmartChain technology is created by combining three features of database management:

1. Distributed database
Several copies of the same database records (minimum 50 – up to 100 copies) are stored on different electronic devices (phones / tablets) simultaneously.

2. Fragmented database
A fragment of the whole database, placed on a single electronic device. The whole database can not be seen in unity.

3. Mutational database
The electronic devices used to physically store database fragments randomly changes due the fluctuating availability of the devices in the phone-network. So a given record from time to time is stored randomly on other electronic devices. Therefore, it is not possible to know, that system on which device stores a particular record.

Additional features:
– Self-improvement ability: By using multi-dimensional coordination of database blocks, correct instances automatically improve any corrupted or attacked instances.
– A single block is placed on a device.
– All record entries are protected by a timestamp, each timestamp encrypts the previous timestamp (hash).
– One block has max. 1024 records (up to 1MBytes of storage).
– The electronic devices of system communicate with each other in P2P network. A record can be founded in this network max. in 64 steps.
– All electronic devices that make up the P2P network are connected to logic neighbors and their own duplicates.
– As the database, the network is self-improvement, too. The device leaving the system (eg off) is automatically replaced by another device, which just enters or was in standby.

 Overall, the new records are placed in a random block, and the records are stored in a random device.