What do you get now?


You can download our Application, which is the first version of MarketPlace:

Android Version


What can do you with the Application?

This Application is usable, as a Wallet:

You can

  1. buy Hum@ney directly with credit card
  2. receive a payment in Hum@ney (P2P – between two application)
  3. pay something in Hum@ney (P2P – between two application)
  4. transfer your Hum@ney to your bank account, converted to your currency of bank account*
  5. get the official rates in 20 currencies in real time
  6. control the status of your transfers in real time
  7. control all transactions in the server log

Here’s your money in the safest place:

In case of a problem, you can easily and securely recover your wallet’s content in another phone! (See usage of Recovery Code!)


Official Youtube Channel


The initial issue of HUM – as crowdfunding – can only be refunded against the deduction of 15% handling fee. (But!) The initial issuing HUM (and only that) may be converted to the share of the System, from BusinessStage 3. If a user does not wish to acquire shares, the initial issuing HUM may transferred to third-generation HUM, that is freely convertible.